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ModelNIKON D7000
ISO Speed200
Focal Length18mm
Captured2013:01:14 20:44:56

Getting Ready

By Christopher
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Getting Ready


  • XC Triker

    Beautiful Pictures!!!!

    (Noticed you use a tow bar--  does that work pretty good?  I usually pick up the nose, or push the prop hub, or pull the front tube and jolt it a little to shake the front wheel into the direction I want, or push the front tube with one hand and steer with the other hand on the rear steering peg.  But, I bet tow bar is smoother.)

  • Christopher

    XC - Yeah - I really cannot do without my "tow bar" is very handy especially if other guys have to move planes around the hanger as well. Highly recommended!

  • The Therm

    This thread reveals sooo much, arent they a real pain to manouvre when on the ground?

  • XC Triker

    Hey Therm, do you find they're difficult?  I find picking up the nose on mine very easy, maybe 15 lbs of lift and I push / spin / pull it anywhere I want, very easy.  I lift mine pretty high-- some had never seen a trike lifted up like that before  (maybe 2 1/2 feet off the ground).  I often get a laugh at how easy it seems to move it around.

    Otherwise, like I said above, I just pull on the front tube-  an occasional small jolt this way or that steers the front wheel.

  • The Therm

    hey XC

    I find the fiberglass nose cone to be delicate (when compared with the Airborn Trikes). There is a certain amount of "give' within the body shell, which I dont like. The shell is only mounted in two places as well on the BUGGY, the same with the Clipper I beleive. I have got Wefly ordering me a rear stearing footrest which should alleviate my issue. Hopefully! :-)

  • XC Triker

    Yes, the Tanarg was an advance upon that issue, solid as well.  The rear steering pegs can help- but I only recently deactivated mine (so the passenger can't steer currently), as some were expressing fears that a passenger could potentially screw things up royally on landing, an accident was possibly mentioned and discussion of what happened with Sally too.

    I had had mine on for years, but finally reasoned that they didn't do much for me, and I rarely sat in back (and only with a qualified pilot in front anyway) so the risk benefit just was not there.

  • Jake

    I tell my passengers to hang their feet over the side of the trike (tanarg) on takeoff and landing, and haven't had a problem with something like 50 passengers.  That said, I have thought about removing them, just been too lazy to follow through.

    The tow bar is an interesting idea.  Pushing the Tanarg around backwards isn't so hard, I just kick the wheel where I want it to go with my foot and it tends to stay there with appropriate pressure on the front tube.  Some of the other trikes in the hangar are much more unstable when being pushed backwards and I end up having to keep one hand on the passenger footpeg to steer them.  A towbar would be nice.

    Needing a different one for each trike might be kind of a pain though...

  • The Therm

    Actually pulling it forward isnt really an issue, it will go 'eventually' where you want :-)

    The real issue is 'Taking it rearwards',,,,,, should that be re-worded?

    The real issue is trying to reverse the trike; on an Airborn trike, its pretty simple, lift the nose cone and push backwards but with the Buggy (we have two in our hangar) the fibreglass shells just dont feel as robust.

    If anyone else has noticed this please feel free to add to the conversation.