Yoshiyah HawkinsBMW 1200GS Navajo


Caldwell, parma, various cattle fields and back roads.


ModelCOOLPIX S3000
ISO Speed80
Focal Length12mm
Captured2012:06:17 00:10:14

BMW 1000RR

By Yoshiyah Hawkins
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BMW 1000RR

This is another BMW I have. It flies real well too. It will take you straight to jail.


  • Monty

    thats TOO much for me! thats why i only fly my f650gs, and my wr250x, oh and my cosmos 12m racer! can i try your rr? i promise not to scratch it! monty

  • Yoshiyah Hawkins

    I suppose just like everyone else here, the idea of flying is this amazing thing to tackle and do. What is wrong with me that I actually feel so superior when I am looking down on the world below. I think I might be stuck up. Does anyone else feel politely superior in the sky? It's BS but I think it is still there.

    Flying the machine I built is sort of like a motorcycle. I speak for the guys now but if we can afford it, would anyone agree we tend to project our identity and egos through our machines? My bike gives me a sense of freedom. The problem with the one I have is, I don't want to behave at all, but the idea of getting caught doing what that thing will do gives me too much worry about penalties. The G's the BMW bike offers is nuts, to include the handling abilities on a good road allows for some serious expression.

    The Trike works for me because there is no one up there with a ticket book. It is really free. A bike in the sky. But I feel like I am on a Honda 125 while some of you guys are screaming through the skies in Cadillacs and Ferrari's. Trikes any more have so many classes of tech and I am a technonut.

    I wish we weren't all scattered across the globe. I just want to hang with everyone here. The world is such a F'ed up place caused by our sick F's in government. When I see people from all over the world in places our idiot lying scumbag politicians say are our enemies, I just want to smack them because all the people I see are beautiful people no different than me. This is what flying is to me. It is reality and all the lying subterfuge is gone. 


  • Monty

    hey yoshi, i agree COMPLETELY with you regarding polititians! i couldn't describe them as concisely as you did. they do very little good for us, only for them! they FORCE us to go to war with people we don't know and with their lying bullshit get us to hate people who have done nothing to us. DON"T GET ME STARTED! well done, and i like your choice of toys!  ( i had my 79th birthday a couple of days ago so i,ve had plenty of time to assess the danger that MOST politicians represent, problem is we might be even worse off without them!) i just flew my trike this morning (illegally FAA, it weighs more than it should!,)so   do i , so far they haven't YET decided what MY legal weight should be in order to LEGALLY fly. hugs yoshi monty

  • Yoshiyah Hawkins

    Hey Monty, thanks for the notice. I dont want to get started either. I quit taking my blood pressure med. I do not have anything wrong with my body. It is me getting riled up at that asswipe in office that gets me going. I look to flying as a way to relax, even if I did nearly slam into the side of a hanger one day on take off.

    My wing was way leaned over to the left. I think an opposite side cross wind I did not notice got my wing. I was in a hard left bank immediately upon lifting off. I looked up and I was flying directly into the side of the hanger. I pushed out with the wing banked hard left and the rig just barely cleared the roof of the hanger like I hopped. Still banked hard left I circled around back over the field and got the wing wrestled down level. All I did was look around to see if anyone was looking. Now that's what I call a day of relaxation. 

    Here is a funny. Before I rebuilt the whole trike and put the beemer engine on it, I had this crappy MZ 202. It was real simple to work on. I was outside the hanger, (that was when I had one) and I was opening up both carbs as one was sticking down near idle. I had backed out the throttle stop screws on both carbs so when I adjusted the sync I would not scratch the slides with the screw. With that I used my hand throttle to open or lift the slides just a little so I could eyeball the space under the slides. Anyway I put it back together and decided to see if I had fixed the problem. Standing on the right side of the machine I hit both mag switches and blipped the start key. My trikes leaps forward and starts racing across the runway. I had forgotten to close the hand throttle. I run along side the trike that is racing away and I aint in the seat. I literally throw myself across the main frame member right to left like a body laying over a horse. I am hauling ass down the runway laying over this thing when I reach up under me and killed the mags. 

    You can bet your ass I looked around that time to see if anyone was looking. Let's just stamp dumbass on my forehead. Phew. I can just read the headline. "Man crashes Air Trike and he wasn't even flying." One of you guys would have written it on the bathroom wall and I never would have lived it down. That's not the bathroom humor I want to go down in flames in. I wanna go with braggin rights.

  • ULtrikepilot

    Dialog on this site is largely about presenting facts and opinions. So I will give an opinion.  I tend to find inflammatory language related to politics offensive on a site like this.  Since I am a relatively new member on AT I thought I'd try to find out if there was any guidance on what is acceptable and unacceptable.  Not a lot of clear cut rules but I did find on the forum rules under "3. Harmonious and Legal Content" the following sentence. "Posting matter of a political or religious nature may be removed if it is determined to be too controversial and disharmonious to the site."  It also emphasized the aspect of "self-moderating".  So let me explain my view a little further.

    I am probably not alone (on this site) as having rather strong political views.  However, I tend to compartmentalize my life and I do not come to AT to share my political views nor am I looking to learn the political views of other members here on this site.  Perhaps more so in recent times, politics tends to be a very polarizing topic and arguments can quickly flare up which is not consistent with the goal of "harmonious" discourse here on AT.  In the right environment, like around a campfire, over a glass of wine (or beer), etc., I will not shy away from sharing my political views, but that is quite different from doing it on this AT site.  Once political comments descend to derogatory labels, the situation is ripe for disagreement and even heated arguments to erupt.  Furthermore, we need to recognize that politics are of a local or national nature and this is a global trike pilot related site.  Do we really think the Aussies, and members from other countries (UK, South Africa, EU countries, etc) have a strong interest in following volatile arguments on USA politics?  Probably not.

    On the other hand, there is one type of politics related discussion that I hope does show up on AT.  If a politician(s) is attempting to change the FARs that could impact us all that certainly would be of interest.  But that is different than just labeling a party or administration with derogatory terms.

    I recognize what I wrote above is simply my opinion and may not be shared by others and Admin may feel differently.  If Admin thinks that most any kind of politics discussion is fair game on AT, then one possible way to handle it is for some one to start a "politics" group and make it closed like the CSI group.  Those that want to join can do so and have at it, but it would not show up on the normal activity of those that are not members of the group.  Perhaps that is one way to allow those that wish to rant and rave on their favorite political views with out offending or engaging others that don't want to hear it.  that is my 2 cents on the topic  ULt.

  • RizzyWizzy

    I agree and support your opinion Ultrikepilot. Hey by the way, have you shot any other videos of your trike. Didn't you have a Solairus wing and a Pacer wing if I am not mistaken.

  • Yoshiyah Hawkins

    I cant follow your thoughts on what you speak at all for the following reasons. 

    Life is what it is. I wake up and see what goes on in the world every day as you do. I see hatred all over the planet. I did not hear anyone making a conversation of politics anywhere in this forum. I see a one liner that was used in an analogous and comparative form so one could say what a pleasure it is to speak to people from all over the globe. The only comment you read was to suggest it is our politicians who divide the world  and cause the hatred and from that you come to a whole page of criticism and you are insulted? I cant find the political jargon in the text other than an off handed remark. If you feel I need sensitivity training to speak on this forum, I would rather bow out. I have lived very deep levels of reality in this world that most people will never know. While everyone sits so comfy in their homes listening to all the lies on their tv, people I know are dying over those lies. I dont like to talk about it but in an off handed remark whereby I suggest in a comparison note I am far from stupid as to the ways of the world, does not seem to meet the parameters of what you speak of. I did not hear a political conversation. 

  • Wang 1

    Well Mr. Hawkins you have been warned! Your probably one of those global weather change deniers too.

    Well I promise you the weather will change, All it takes is a pen and a cellphone.

    How does that go? You can't fix stupid? Why would you try? I miss the live and let live world I grew up in.

  • Monty

    hey ULt, chill out. if we are allowed trike stuff only, then so be it, but i read somewhere 'anything goes' except for PERSONAL attacks (or was that on the 'dark side site' ?) i came to this country 50yrs ago because i admired the FREEDOMS that the USA has, and i had to 'solemnly swear not to overthrow the government by force', etc. my reaction to yoshiyah's, discourse was a kneejerk one, but  heartfelt .i meant every word. during many years of being involved with trikers i've managed to 'piss-off quite a few guys (and gals) so you can join the list! however, your excellent observation is duly noted and if the site bosses so decree no politics, then ok, i didn't join this site to waste 'ink' on 'power-crazy-greedy-bastard-politicos, WHOOPS! i almost relapsed! PHEW!  monty

  • Yoshiyah Hawkins

    I still stand by my point. An off handed one liner used to show how cool it is when people get together, is perfect proof it is ONLY the politicians that screw stuff up. The people of the world left to their own join in unity. I saw it on Alltrikes. I still do not know how a mind saw a political conversation based on a one liner. And if you are angry I  spoke ill of our politicians and their contributions to the world, my apologies for waking you up.

  • Yoshiyah Hawkins

    Geez, there 66 views in this thing. And I thought it was because people liked the bike. Ok. We have all said our piece so peace out. Love peace and Hippie beads yall. And someone get Wang a beer.

  • Admin

    Self moderation on the site is accomplished by way of the dislike button ( you won't find that on Facebook). If you find something that burns your chaps feel free to let the poster know, it's anonymous. Three dislikes and you get a time out. Thanks for keeping it civil.

  • ULtrikepilot

    Hey Monty, I'll take a chill pill.  Maybe I over reacted, but I do stand by every thing I said above.  Perhaps it may be helpful to be specific so the following caught my attention "The world is such a F'ed up place caused by our sick F's in government", "idiot lying scumbag politicians", "getting riled up at that asswipe in office that gets me going".  Those are not my words but I copied/pasted and put in quotes.  I'm not here to defend politicians.  Few if any are 100% honest and trustworthy.  But what is the point of posting that kind of stuff here?  What does it add to the discussion?  If I want my wife (an ordained minister) or daughter to check some thing out on AT, I don't want them to see that kind of stuff. I have shown my wife videos & pictures on AT.

    Admin, now I understand the self moderation aspect.  Thanks.  It does appear that one can only dislike an entire post (new page, or picture, or video, etc) not the individual additional comments within that post.  I have no problem with Yosh posting a picture of a beautiful bike.  Heck I'd love to take a bike like that for a spin or maybe even own one like it.  It was some of the followup comments (above) within posts on that picture topic that I found questionable.  Enough said. I've taken my chill pill.  I'll try to ignore this kind of stuff in the future.

  • Admin

    We are aware of the software limitation and comments will be their own likable entity in the next upgrade of the software our site runs on. Till then we can figure out what the offending issue is on a post and talk to the users about it. Quite easy to tell in most cases. Thanks UL

  • white eagle

      admin  chill out  you present Dr Spocks method of discipline .timed out don't work.I  prefer the spanking gets there attention quick.how about a little paddle button.and if there good a beer button? that would work. ok ul wang monte yashi bend over take it like a man! hee hee .    just trying to insert a little humor here

          ok actually i enjoyed the comments here and as one who has laid himself out for for personal attacks on the dark side i might add here that this is far from what happens there. we all come from different backgrounds and experiences and we are bound to have some differences in edicate.in my job serving the health public as a coordinator i deal with this on a daily basis and it is difficult.the only thing that keeps me sane is that i try to keep the objectives in sight. easing the difficulty's for the sick and elderly.

        i think that generally we all here have done a great job posting and putting up interesting things and i enjoy the differences between us. so i would rate alltrikes with a  A+. ul you make a good point that we need to be careful with content.and wang and yoshi you make a good point of free speech.i think most all of us have some pent up aggression when it comes to politics and religion.lately i have found myself not being far right or far left on religion or politics.i like to think of myself as a human being . i have been a philosophizer living in the remote wilderness for a lot of years and one thing you have to do is consider all things.one of the biggest things i enjoy about flying. is to view things from a different perspective , when i fly its not about escape or ego but to sojourn and to contemplate.to see the beauty of creation and to look at the differences in what was created in nature and what mankind has done.my father was one of the first people measuring co2 emissions at Ohio state university in the late 40s.one thing since this is brought up is (and  my opinion) that weather you believe that global warming is happening or its climatic weather change . the truth remains unarguable that change is happening .to relate this to flying overseas commercial airline pilots are reporting a vast increase in turbulence over the oceans .so a positive discussion on how this might or might not effect our flying would be good.the way i see it  despite all the pro and cons of what to do about it  we have talked about it for 30 years. the attempts at correcting it are so irrelevant.not to be negative but in my philosophic opinion i will be prophetic here and say we are not going to change the climate it is going to change us ?       (THE WAY OF NATURE SINCE THE BEGINNING)

          yashi as far as the bike is concerned  maybe some wings on it . iam sure it will fly. as we move down the coarse of being opinionated and it will happen politics will come up and religion from time to time. for the sake of all i like to look at it this way . we here are not out pillaging raping and murdering or steeling .so that puts us all in a good category . we are a band of indifferent multy talented and open minded diversified flyers who come together to seperate the comercialization  and enjoy the company of ALL TRIKES.