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Monkeys in the Sky- secret advance copy !!! ;)

By XC Triker
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Monkeys in the Sky-  secret advance copy !!! ;)


  • XC Triker

    Guess who scored a secret advance copy of Olivier Aubert & Mike Blyth's latest movie??!!  Monkeys in the Sky.  The pic of Christopher's friend in his undies on bivouac reminded me I have to post a review of this latest adventure to follow their Jaw Dropping South to South trike adventure--  anyone who has not seen that movie, flying two trikes from the tip of South America up across Greenland and the North Sea, then down across Europe and Africa back home to South Africa--  you have missed THE GREATEST triking move yet made!!!

    Monkeys in the Sky  has already been awarded the 39th ICARUS CUP COUPE ICARE Film Festival Award, France 2012.  I've been waiting for this to come out on DVD!!!

    Stand by while I watch it, then post a review.

  • XC Triker

    Movie Review:  Monkeys in the Sky.   Ok, Janet & I watched it with dinner tonight-  which is good because Olivier is cooking a lot throughout the entire movie.  The movie is about the making of their ?first? movie Coast to Coast  (across Africa).   (The prelude to their bigger adventure South to South-  in fact, if you look closely and are a fan, you can see some shots of South to South thrown in there when Olivier ?pretends? to have had a bit of a "trip" on some local medicines that were supposed to ward off Malaria--  interestingly, the real meds designed for Malaria are very much known for hallucinations and bizarre dreams).

    If you liked either movie (Coast to Coast or South to South), or you just like adventure and camaraderie, or you like to film (especially film trikes) *1-- you will like this movie.  Seeing their previous films first is good, but this film works either way.  There is real adventurous flying, lots of back story, roadside repairs and adventure, real people along the way having a really great time with/because of trikes and just great friendship.   Maintaining friendships while filming long triking adventures can be challenging--  watching these guys do it is fabulous!!  Highly recommend this film to add to your serious Triking Movie catalog.


    *1 )  If you like to film film trikes) (@Ttabs, @Crayonbox, @Damien & @Diego (in fact this is very Damien & Diego style filming-  will give you new tricks) @PilotBoyle, @Sajan, @WeFly @hedgeview , @Funfactor, @Yarrawonga, @GeorgeB  and @ all our film makers....   you will like this film.

    *2) If you like watching trike movies-- you will like this film.

    *3) If you live under a rock and don't want to have a good time, avoid this movie at all costs-- in fact stop reading this ... immediately


    @Mattskyflyer--  I saw you listed as "WebMaster USA for the Sky Monkeys" in the credits---  where can this film be ordered?

    P.S. I'm working on my first trike film in a long time, the one Matt helped me film in the dark over LA ..  it's kinda good, stay tuned it's about 90% done and 90% of the way left to go  ...   ;)     (est. 1 week or less)

  • Dave G

    Cant wait to view the  "night runner" video,...... should be epic fun.

    Is the Damien you refer to Damien Berisford?..If so Im a huge fan of his videos he does a great job with them and I think he is a great ambassador for triking in general.

    My son watched Damiens Burning man 2011 video 

     and now he wants to get a trike and go south to give trike rides to hot chicks.

  • Mark

    About time. Last email I had from Oliver was 6 months ago and it was supposedly being transferred to NTSC at that time. Guess they are going for the Christmas season market.

  • Matt Liknaitzky

    Monkeys in the Sky is available now!


    Order now!



  • Ken

    I finally got some time to preview the SkyMonkeys video last night! I told my daughter that tonight was trike night!

    She replied "I'll be in my room working on something else then, trike movies are a guy thing".

    "What do you mean", I said, "Its a romance!".

    "Yea a romance between guys and their trikes, aren't all guys in love with their trikes?"

    I guess she has a point, but watch I did, and it was an evening of pure bliss. This movie is a sort of making of "Coast to Coast" containing the behind the scenes footage, and back story. Let me assure you this isn't just B roll stuff though. The scenery is incredible, and the antics of these two pilots and their sometimes unwilling crew are hilarious. The scene where they utterly dismiss a professional film maker is pure comedy. We don't need no stinking angles! The movie has captivating flying over a broad variety of landscapes from Deserts to Jungles to Sandy beaches. There are psychedelic inspired dream sequences, remote culinary adventures, encounters with wildlife, adventures with the natives, a three person trike, dancing in the air, on the beach, around the fire, even dancing naked all in one strangely choreographed music video that just worked. The music going along with the film was excellent as well and brought the scenery to life. It reminds me that one day I should quit my day job and make flying a grand adventure, until then I'll have to live vicariously through Olivier and Mike.

    I've seen Olivier's other films, but never owned them - last night changed that and I ordered all three. Keep them coming guys! You owe it to yourself to have a copy of this for those rainy days when you just can't get in the sky! 

  • Jozinko

    I have the Coast to Coast and South to South movies and I like to watching it. I hope Monkeys in the Sky will be next great triking adventure.

  • XC Triker

    Wow, nice review Ken !  Jozinko, the link to order is above ;)

  • Jozinko

    Yes David, thanks, I will to order it. Im seeing the South to South just now!

  • Jozinko

    Ordered just now!

  • Jozinko

    ...and now I have the DVD at home :D

  • Ken

    Bummer I didn't get mine yet :(