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Burning Man airport appears, disappears without a trace - Pretty cool story about the burning man airport

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Burning Man airport appears, disappears without a trace


One of the header photos features an Orange Tanarg owned by @jake

 Dave Hirschman


The semi-circular speck on the desert floor could be a mirage.

At a distance of 20 nautical miles, it's visible one moment, then partially obscured by shifting plumes of wind-driven dust the next. Jarring turbulence over the mountains of northern Nevada and late-afternoon glare don’t make spotting our destination any easier. But at a distance of 10 miles, the distinctive outline of Black Rock City comes sharply into focus—and our aircraft radio lets us know of charter King Airs, Caravans, and other general aviation aircraft coming and going at an airport that, for this hectic week, is quite unlike any other on Earth.

Black Rock City Municipal Airport (88NV) exists for one purpose: to support the massive counter-culture Burning Manfestival which draws about 70,000 people to this inhospitable dry lake bed for a week of exuberant, over-the-top partying that culminates in the fiery destruction of a series of massive wooden art structures. Then the airport, just like Burning Man itself, disappears without a trace—only to reconstitute itself in even greater extravagance the following year.

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