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Lawrie completed 12 months 6/01/2015

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Hi all, Ihave just completed 12 months since my first training flight with Peter YFT. It has been a sensational experiance. I have been honoured to have been taught by the very best YFT & Hedgeview, they are just so professional & patient teaching me to fly in all conditions. The whole operation is enhanced by the lovely Ann always a cuppa at the  ready after a session.(my hangar mum). Also a big thanks to all you trikers out there for your kind remarks througout the year (not you Tucans). Wishing each & everyone of you safe flying in 2015. Kind Regards Lawrie & Grasshopper.


  • white eagle

    hi lawrie big congratulations last time I saw you you were perfecting out touch and goes at yarrawonga. and I second that yft and anne and that whole group of flyers are such a fine addition on to flying. oh yah EXCEPT for thous nasty tucans arnt they the big white birds that clutter up the runway COCKA TOO CANS. that yft gets so mad at? just kidding?

  • ToucanFly

    Quite the aviary at Yarrawonga. White Eagles. White Cockatoos. Buzzy Bees. Flying Frogs and the adorable Toucans. Well done Lawrie on your first 12 months. You certainly picked the best place for your flight training.