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AllTrikes Gear- T-Shirts, Mugs, Jackets, Thongs .... you name it.

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Price see site (Zazzle made us add 10% to THEIR cost, we didn't want to, their prices are high) any $$ will go to this sites fees

There's an entire line of AllTrikes Gear available online. T-Shirts, Jackets, coffee mugs, thongs, mouse pads ...

There is no profit being made, the darn site that prints them is expensive (we have to admit), they also "Required" us to add 10% (we would have preferred adding nothing)- I don't know why, maybe it's a tax thing on their part to say their a cooperative of businesses, or to hide they're high costs and blame someone else.

But, the items are very cool and we hope you want to enjoy them. Wear them proudly. We can add new designs if you send them. We'll be giving out some as gifts too. The 10% will go toward hosting fees, which far outstrip that. We love you guys and want you to love AllTrikes--- the Friendly Trike Site!!

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  • Admin

    T-Shirts Half-Off:  Received email from Zazzle offering AllTrikes T-Shirts half-off today with this link:

    Also the coupon code  "HALFOFFSHIRT"

    They are offering shirts for ~$12 today, and they do have print outlets in many countries (including AU).


    Please read the above on pricing.  Buying shirts does not financially support this site, we put up the website for you at our cost.  But we do like to see people wearing AllTrikes shirts !!!  So if you wanted a shirt (or thong, or etc), today is a good time to get some.

  • Ken

    Cool - got mine coming! Thanks for the heads up!