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  • Ken

    Trike Flown: AirCreation Tanarg, Northwing Apache, Apollo Monsoon, Air Creation Clipper, Part 103 home built, Rev, MTO Gyro, Cavalon

  • Admin

    About me: ...nd we like everybody and therefore we can't "friend" members individually.   We're so happy that everybody is enjoying and it is growing so quickly.  We have big thin...

  • Dan H

    Trike Flown: Apollo Jetstar, DeereFly, Tukan, Gibbo Orca, Northwing 17m, Mako 15

  • Jon Carmichael

    Trike Flown: Northwing Navajo 582 S-LSA

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Trike Flown: Maverick trike with Maverick wing 15m. 2004 NW Apache, 2006 Antares MA-32, Skycycle foldable with 25hp Zenoah.About me: 15 years of hanggliding and 8 years of paragliding.  Now triker.   Maverick trike with NW Maverick wing 15 

  • Peter D.

    Airports landed: KSZP KTOA KIZA KSMX KSMO KEMT L70 KHHR 11CL CL13 L08 HNM NV74 L06 Flew over KLAX KLWS Here is a link to SkyVector showing the AIRPORTS landed.

  • Leo Fitzgerald

    Skills: weight shift and fixed wing

  • Rebel

    Trike Flown: northwing navajo SLSA and just about every trike made

  • Trike Ops

    Trike Flown: Airborne XT 582 Cruze wing, Revo Rival S wing, Airborne Redback 582 Wizard wing, Aeros 2 Suzuki 1.3 Profi TL, Apollo Monsoon 912 GT5 wing

  • Jim Waters

    About me: Been Flying trikes and only trikes for 13 years, started when I was 63 and will be 76 this May, 2015 Have almost 1800 hours as of Jan 2015. Avg. abnut 160 hrs/yr I have 3 trikes;  2 ea. AC Clipper 912 and an Apex Cross-5 HKS Have 3 wings  1 ea. ixess-13, 2 ea. iXess-15.