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  • YFT

    Website: email:

  • Kael Rowan

    Brief description: I'm a new trike pilot training on my 912ULS Revo.

  • TrikeCFI

    Brief description: Full time trike instructor and author/DVD producer of trike training materials

  • Noel C

    About me: ...ay dormant until introduction to Microlights in early 2013.  Commenced training at Yarrawonga with CFI Peter...27 Oct 2013 gained full licence as a result of the great knowledge and training skills of YFT and ably assist...

  • ToucanFly

    About me: Australian pilot first licenced in 1994 following instruction from Chris Brandon and in recent years, Peter McClean of Yarrawonga Flight training. Two of the best instructors in Aus...


    About me: ...awonga in Victoria. (They are almost in NSW so we put up with them) Have done only one "Mergafauna Flyaway"   organised through Yarrawonga Flight Training (YFT) but won't ever miss a f...

  • Tilt Shift

    About me: ...d & Stephen, two friends from New York, NY will leave everything behind and train to fly a light sport trike in Lodi, California. After their training they will fly down the coast...

  • tomw1945

    Hours: 4 training hours