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  • Videos: The Video Screen, Video Quality, iPads, etc

    Video Quality:  Quick note:  If you find a video in the Acitivity River (the stream of member activity on the Activity page) and click on the video itself, it will remain 2" size.  Be sure to click on the link to the video itself to see the video in normal size.  If yo...

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  • About This Website-- Help, Logging In, How To's, Details, etc.

      For Help Logging In, contact  Admin @                            For Really Basic Site Info, click HERE SEARCH:  Search on this site is very powerful and organiz...

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  • Your altimeter displays one altitude while your GPS displays another. Under VFR, which do you use/when?

      From Pilot Tips / Workshops "Under VFR, you should be flying at a cardinal altitude (odd or even thousand-foot altitudes e.g. 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 7,000, etc.) plus 500 feet. This provides separation from IFR aircraft and other VFR aircraft on crossing courses. Your alt...

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