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  • Glider Crash Finals

    I linked this video because it demonstrates nicely a wingtip stall, in a high rate turn, low level on finals. Don't get caught out like this. Very unforgiving. It is approaches like this that cause a lot of accidents because in the event of a stall or issue, there is no maneuvering altitude for...

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  • Trike flying without the trike!

    I got to go Hang Gliding this weekend and had a nice 40 minute soaring flight. If anyone wondered why I fly the Airborne Outback trike the way I do, this should clear that up! Flying from Marshall Peak in San Bernardino, Ca. Actually the shuttle van to launch was the scariest part. Hope you are a...

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  • John Fetz

    I repair Propellers both Wood & Composite for the last 10 Years.. And am an A&P mechanic doing Light Sport Annual Condition Inspections.

    Skills: ATP, ASEL, AMEL, GLIDER, A&Pmechanic