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  • Brent B

    About me: New to the trike world, but work as a pilot doing air ambulance through the western states. Enjoy flying any way I can.

  • Flyinghedgehog (flyinghedgehog)

    Interests: FlyingAbout me: First Solo 1984 Self launch motor glider. Started Flying Trikes 1988          

  • Bill Pilgrim

    About me: Dairy farming takes up too many flying opportunities, I need to find another way to make a buck lol.

  • FlyDiver

    Interests: Flying

  • supine jim

    Airports landed: Flying J kindle's Black Bute Bryan's Airport Rob's strip (helicopter Pilot) El Mirage Dry Lake

  • Noel C

    About me: Obtained PPL in 2000 and flew approx. 100 hrs in Piper Warrior.  Defeated by time and money. Flying passion lay dormant until introduction to Microlights in early 2013.  Commenced tr...

  • ToucanFly

    About me: an Airborne Edge and now, an Airborne XT912 Arrow. I fear thermals - probably due to being a former commercial hot air balloon pilot. Best flying experience was joining the Me...


    About me: ...International Correspondent for "Trikemag" established and published monthly by brother Peter, albeit on a very tight expense account. Most of my flying is out of Moruya on the beaut...

  • ULtrikepilot

    About me: Scientist and statistics consultant. Came from HG background but now my passion is flying part 103 trikes and LSA trikes.  My plan is to eventually instruct students on WSC-L.

  • Kevin S

    About me: 62 years old. Flying for 7 years. Own a Airborne 912 XT with Streak 3...gine out landing in a field with no damage while flying a 582 engine that seized in f...of HD caMeras controlled thru Wi Fi to my Ipad. Flying mostly around Wisconsin and M...