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  • 2004 SeaWing 582 amphib

    I'll know this amphib will be missed, but I can't fly the Tanarg and the Commander and keep the SeaWing too!  The engine is strong and trouble-free with 260 hours; the wing is strutted and has less than 50 hours.  Cruises at 43 mph and takeoff/landing is under 30mph.  Will consider...

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  • Admin

    I can help you with issues regarding ""  ;) Use the feedback button on the left side of your screen to ask for help make suggestions, etc!   Admin is more than one person and we like everybody and therefore we can't "friend" members individually.   We're so happy that everybody ...

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  • Aircraft that visit YFT

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  • SBs not mandatory, FAA counsel says

    August 28, 2006 AOPA SBs not mandatory, FAA counsel says The FAA lawyers have spoken: Service bulletins (SBs) are not - repeat not - mandatory for most Part 91 aircraft operators. That's exactly the decision AOPA had encouraged and expected. That had been everyone's u...

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  • Air Force BugBot Nano Drone Technology

    Ever wondered why when you open the door, a swarm of flies enters through it.... I think I have found out! ;-)

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  • Can LSAs go commercial?

      It’s a regulatory certainty that Light-Sport Aircraft cannot be used in commercial operations. Sure, the LSA category is fast growing. Yes, it’s permeated the marketplace well enough that LSAs can be found on fields across the land. Admittedly, the aircraft are desig...

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  • departing Fernandina

    After cruising the Georgia Barrier Islands, we took off from Fernandina Beach enroute to Savannah.

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  • Aircraft maintenance a "necessary evil"? / Waddington Efffect : Opinion Mike Busch, a well-known A&P/IA and owner of Savvy Aviator

    Mike Busch, a well-known A&P/IA and owner of Savvy Aviator, a company that provides professional maintenance management for owner-flown aircraft, has joined Opinion Leaders in the new year and will focus on aircraft ownership and maintenance. In this post, find out why he writes, "...

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  • No transponders for Ultralights (still) !!! Through 2020 and beyond. Pheww!!!

    Europe has been trying to force gliders (PG, HG, etc) to have transponders !!!  ???  WTF???!!! From the Oz Report v18, #29 Tue, Feb 11 2014, 5:44:08 am AUSEST Dick Heckman writes: Below you'll find the FAA rule that we're operating under and that presently w...

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  • Dean Coleman, very patient tour guide

    This is my very first flight as a fully licensed ultralight pilot. Dean Coleman took me on a narrated tour of the Lumby Valley showing me things to watch out for and other beautiful sites to take in. It does not show it but I took about eight minutes to do my run up and he patiently waited fo...

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