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  • Vankovia airfield

    My friend Igor is a car mechanic. He repaired my car and asked me: what will you do in the afternoon? I am going to fly... Fly??? Can I fly with you? Yes, you can.... :D 

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  • Henrich continued his training

    Our season has been started.

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  • a black Sunday

    Martin's training, the engine failure and real emergency landing

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  • I started the season

    Finally a nice weather came here. It was a little thermal but I enjoyed the flight

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  • A gift for Gabi

    We had nice flying time with Gabi.

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  • Dear visitors

    Toucan Roy and his beautiful wife Lou were in Slovakia and they visited me. I spent a nice time with them.

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  • Cloud Ride

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  • he and his trike

    VW-1600 - fuel compsumption is cca 6L/hour, fuel tank is 28liters

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  • Jozef "Dedenko" Sajan

    This is he - my darling father Jozef Sajan, his called name is Dedenko Dedenko = Grandpa

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  • taxiing

    last modified his trike - lengthened the trike body about 20cm, made two boots, 3 wheels breaking, parking break, new VW-1600 engine

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