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  • 2 Frustration

    FRUSTRATIONSo far this short trip has been all about weather and I don'tanticipate that changing. I stopped in Needles because the winds weremuch higher than forecast when I landed and I didn't want to continuethat day into the mountains with higher than anticipated winds andfeeling tired. Waited...


  • 4 Making Progress & Radio Problems:

    Some of the Back story-- Making Progress & Radio Problems:June 16:Yesterday was a very short day.  Left Dalhart, TX after 7 AM to givethe morning rain and TS's a chance to clear out of my path and ziggedover to Texhoma, OK (K49) then zigged back to Springfield, CO (8V7).It was REALLY blo...


  • Flight from King City to Golden Gate Bridge

    Henry Published this to Youtube: Published on May 8, 2012 "David and I flew from King City to Golden Gate Bridge and flew back south to Salinas Airport. Total flight time: 4hour 45minutes, Total flight distance: 275miles"

    Tags: Trike Flight, King City, Golden Gate Bridge, High Winds, San Francisco, XC, Cross Country

  • Flight from King City to Golden Gate Bridge: Making the flight a reality vs 30+ mph headwinds

    George's Fuel Management Poll and Topic reminded me of this video. George's post here:

    Tags: headwinds, High Winds, Fuel Planing, San Francisco, Golden Gate, Halfmoon Bay, Temporary Tower, Turbulence, Venturi

  • Sting Jets- Nasty Weather Phenom

    From the Oz Report today: Sting Jets Tue, Nov 5 2013, 8:09:37 am PST High winds around the center of a low pressure Cross Country writes: This week's tip comes in the wake of the storm that has swept through much of northern Europe over the past couple of days.  W...

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