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  • Thomas Bilik - my friend

    Thomas need filled his fuel tank. But he chose bad field to landing :) There was not taxi way to road... He putted canisters to his hands and go... He filled his tank and to back seat he put 2 full canisters for friends. Several years ago I landed to a first field here, taxied via road, stopped b...

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  • A Weekend in September - Part 1

    Part 1 of a cross country adventure to Flying J, Ken Brock @ El Mirage, Big Bear City, and the Flabob Flying Circus. A Weekend in September Part 1 from Ken Nussear on Vimeo.

    Tags: XC, cross country, Barstow, Tanarg, el mirage, flying J

  • Personal Navigation Exercise: Brooweena Navs

    Yesterday 21st December, I flew on our Summer Solstice - the longest day of our Southern Hemisphere year. I used the opportunity to fly only by compass and time, after making a flight plan into areas I had never been. It was great fun. Hope you enjoy it too.

    Tags: thermals, turbulence, cross country, australia, airborne, xt912, trike

  • 9,000 Miles in a Trike

    Uploaded by Henry Imgw on Dec 9, 2011 I flew over 150 hours in my trike in the year 2011, it equals about 9,000 miles in distance. Thank you all the trike pilots flew the great journeys together, specially my friends David and James, and thank to all of our families and friends who support and...

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  • Flight from King City to Golden Gate Bridge

    Henry Published this to Youtube: Published on May 8, 2012 "David and I flew from King City to Golden Gate Bridge and flew back south to Salinas Airport. Total flight time: 4hour 45minutes, Total flight distance: 275miles"

    Tags: Trike Flight, King City, Golden Gate Bridge, High Winds, San Francisco, XC, Cross Country