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  • 25 Miles west - started decent

    25 miles west of Havasu - call the ball

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  • Lake Havasu in sight!

    XCTriker and James have lake Havasu in sight! Let the festivities begin!

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  • Round the bend!

    Here comes blue water!

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  • Thomas Bilik - my friend

    Thomas need filled his fuel tank. But he chose bad field to landing :) There was not taxi way to road... He putted canisters to his hands and go... He filled his tank and to back seat he put 2 full canisters for friends. Several years ago I landed to a first field here, taxied via road, stopped b...

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  • John's Most Excellent Adventure

      John Williams set out June 6 in his Revo, flying from Williamsburg, VA towards New Braunsfel, TX. A family friend Kenzie, is along for the first part leg of this trip as they fight their way through the awful weather that has been pummeling the East and Southeastern parts of the US....

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  • Memoriál Uncle Považanec - The eight annual

    On Friday evening I had first 5 flying minutes in this year. Weather was nice all weekend then we flew a lot of flying hours arround nice country side near Myjava city.

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  • XC and Understanding the NOTAM

    I recently had the need to decode the following NOTAM, but information on how to do this is not easy to find.  If anyone can help as to where this information can be found please post here. The part of the NOTAM that is difficult is the long numbers after the place names.  I know...

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  • Kráľová pri Senci

    On Friday evening my father as a navigator nad me flew to Kralova airport. We flew down to wind an our trip take 37minutes only. On Saturday morning we flew back home. That way takes 50 minutes. My father told me: I will sell my trike and I will to fly with you... It is the most comfortable!&n...

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  • A Weekend in September - Part 1

    Part 1 of a cross country adventure to Flying J, Ken Brock @ El Mirage, Big Bear City, and the Flabob Flying Circus. A Weekend in September Part 1 from Ken Nussear on Vimeo.

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