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  • Another new product from Air Creation- The Pixel

    Another new product from Air Creation by rouffignac The annual microlight show at the beginning of September is the place where Air Creation choose to announce new product. This year was no exception. The Pixel is a single seat, lightweight (90kg) trike with a new 13 square meter wing...

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  • First "porte ouvert" 2018

    The season begins ... not an easy day, first attempt aborted due to very poor mets. Back to base and set off a little later when things were better, not a lot ..... but better

    Tags: air, creation, trek, phil, quantrill

  • Air Creation Tanarg

    Hey guys! been a while since I posted. Most folks are on Facebook, but not all, so I thought I would share what Ive been up to for the past year. Gave the Trike a facelift, and have been flying around for a couple of months.

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