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By Frank Oyama
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  • Frank Oyama

    6000' long main runway in Camarillo airport(KCMA) But, Ultralight runway is very tiny it only 1700' long.

    Look it! very tiny ultralight runway near the main taxiway.

  • Ken

    Thats really awesome that they have that little Ultralight airpark nested right in with a Class D airport. How many trikes to you have flying there Frank? 

  • Maarten

    I went by there a couple of months ago, but i couldn't figure out how to get in the airpark. Do you have to be a member or do they allow visitors with a trailer?

  • Frank Oyama


    For right now, we have only three trikes in our field.  I think this field is the last Heaven for all ultralights/LSA.  Please visit us with David and Henry soon!

  • Ken

    I would love too. Looks like a fund landing zone. You need to recruit more trike pilots!

  • Frank Oyama


    We have an entrance gate on each individual hangars in our field.

    Our club requires membership and insurance to use this field. But membership is only $35/year

    and insurance cost is around $400/year. Then if you want to park your trailer as your regular hangar,

    It cost is $50/month which is not so bad.   

  • Maarten

    Thanks Frank. That's very reasonable.
    Yet another reason for me to move back to Ventura county... Hopefully someday soon.

  • XC Triker

    HERE's a link to the sectional for Camarillo

              (it shows a route from Camarillo to the Adjoining Military Airspace (Pt. Mugu)

    The UL pilots here are sometimes a Ragtag Fugitive Fleet but they are good pilots who fly in an "exciting" environment.

    At the East end of their field are the Fuel Tanks for this busy Class D airport.  They have a hard border ~ 75' to the North of their field (Camarillo Airport).  On the South border, there are High Tension powerlines, but they can cross them as long as they stay below 300 feet in that quadrant (their "Free Flight" area)--  The terrain rises in that direction too though.  On their S/W is Point Mugu Naval Air Station!

    Cool place. 

    I tried to find the opening Battlestar Galactica  theme to post here but couldn't it went something like this (cue intense orchestra opening music)  ...  Fleeing the Cylon [FAA 610] tyranny...the Last BattlestarGalactica, Leads a Ragtag Fugitive Fleet ...  in a quest for Earth..."

    Visting the Camarillo UL field is a bit like visiting the Star Wars Cantina bar.  ; )

    It's great!

  • Frank Oyama

    XC Triker, Thank you for your descriptions of our UL field.