ModelNIKON D3100
ISO Speed400
Focal Length35mm
Captured2013:09:26 20:03:15

Training bar side view

By FunFactor
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Training bar side view

Here you go XC


  • XC Triker

    Cool.  Oh, Ok, I see-- he modified the stock AC D-Tubes by spliting the "T" that goes over the basetube and welding some clamp bolts on it and then curving the D into an O back on itself.

    Is there rubber under the clamp on the basetube?  Hm, does that split "T" actually open wide enough to allow it to be put on/off without disconnecting the basetube?

    The option of more easily putting on and off the D-Tubes is very desirable-- in Fact, I've been working all week on a pair of quick removable ones for Ken and I.  Otherwise you have to detension the wing (or more) in order to disconnect the basetube to bolt on the stock AC D-Bars.

    I've mentioned this to AC before.  @WeFly see if you can let AC know that we'd like to see some new options in this regard!