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The training has started

By Aussie quikr
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The training has started

Started my training this weekend with YFT.

Squeezed in 3 hours in Peters XT912 in 3 separate ventures.

First flight did level flying, followed by 90deg turns, then 180deg, around a couple of clouds and some circuit work.

Second flight late in the afternoon with 360deg turns and touch and go as the sunset, magnificent conditions (except when we flew into another trikes turbulence, that was interesting).

Today we did 360deg turns, power stall, non power stall, simulated emergency landing and a few touch n go's.

Overall a very productive 3 hours (total) and I survived.

Thanks Pete!

Aussie QuikR


  • Noel C

    HEllo Oz QR,

    Congratulations on the start to your training.  The flying is fun up there with the views of the lake in the back ground.  I must admit you dont get much of a chance to view the scenery in those first few hours when concentrating on the basics of flying a trike.  Its all about relaxing that sphincter muscle.

    Good luck and look forward to catching up in the future.

  • YFT

    Hi Aussie QuikR, I noticed you didn't mention about your trip up to YFT.... I wont say a thing.

    Lucky you're not flying today. Its blowing a gale today. Have you painted your spats yet? Or for the US readers Wheel pants!

    It was great to see you in the air and with good weather in two weeks we sould be up again. I would like you to work on your radio calls. I will email you the call sheet.

    All the best YFT