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Trike Recovery!!!!

By Leo

Thank you everyone for the kind comments! I know there are a lot of questions so let me write a few lines of what happened, what took place and where we are at the moment. Yesterday I shared a post of a local stolen trailer and racing car. The post was nothing more than a story my friend Jeff Nichols shared on Facebook and I shared out of compassion and empathy.
This morning while at work, I received a phone call from the RAID Force Agent who had come to the house to get information from us when the Trike and trailer were stolen back in Oct. 
He informed me that the Trailer and Trike had been found, that it was literally 7 miles north of our house in Reche Canyon, which I drive thru every single day. I was just blown away and so I shared with him that I posted a car and trailer that had a similar story to ours on Facebook last night.
He tells me the Racing car and trailer is sitting next to ours!!!!! Unbelievable!!
Once I got home I was instructed to wait for a phone call from the unit. They called, gave me directions and met me at the 44 acre, 4 house complexes in the middle of Reche Canyon where they were recovering, stolen cars, ATM machines, Trailers and tons of other stolen goods.
Our trailer was a little beat up, but mostly cosmetic damage. The Trike was in great shape. It was missing the battery, and they ripped a brand name sticker from one of the control bar down tubes.
That’s it! No other damage at all!! It was left there, inside the trailer the whole time! No water got into the trailer and the Trike was kept out of the sun for the past 6 months. 
The contents of the trailer are gone. Tables, chairs, bicycles, tool boxes ect. My wing Battens and my front compression strut are also missing.
The officers informed us that this went beyond our Trike and Trailer. There is more to this raid, as it also involves stolen money from banks. They also could not elaborate on arrests, but told us that all involved are going down for big charges.
As we drove out, I see one of the residents standing out in front of his porch, and there’s one of my bikes!!!! The officer told me to take my bike, and so I did. One more thing recovered.
This whole thing has been emotionally taxing. Marta and I want to express our sincerest thanks to all of you whom have helped in every single way.
We also want everyone to know that we have not spent a single penny of the money that was donated, so I will be working with Henry, and Larry, in the next couple of days to discuss reaching out to all that donated, and coming to an agreement with everyone as to what they would like to do. 
Henry compiled a list with names and e-mails, and we will work towards reaching out to everyone.
I am exhausted….it’s been an extremely long day, and I am incoherent in thought or speech. But the feeling in my heart as to how this has turned out is indescribable. Love you all, thank you guys so much!


  • Leo

    The trailer is a little beat up. The Trike is missing a few things, the battery, battens, compression strut, ignition key and a couple of stickers. In terms of it's shape, it's exactly as it was the day it was stolen. 

    Very happy to get it back....I keep walking into my garage and looking at her and I can't help but smile big! :D 

  • Jozinko

    Thats great Leo. Congratulations!

  • Rick D

    We could not be happier for you and Marta! Praise God! See you in Pahrump!

  • Ken

    Really awesome news.

  • Leo

    Thank you guys! Everytime I walk into the garage and see her it's surreal!! 

    Today I went over every single inch and I can't belive they didn't touch her at all! I'm so fortunate that all they took was the battery and stickers off it! 

    Looking forward to Pahrump! See you guys in a few days!



  • Rick D

    Just proves what my brother-in-law, a retired homicide detective always say...most criminals are stupid! Sold the inexpensive items and let the high cost items sit. And when you think about it, it makes sense. Smart people who want to take all you have become lawyers and politicians. hahaha

  • white eagle

     Well leo i figured it would eventually show up! I cannot exspress how happy sonya and i are for you and marta.Sonya and i are being burried alive with snow and ice again or we would come down and give you a big hug and smoochie ,oh uhh ,ok share a corona with a lime. So sad that someone would be so stupid to sacrafice their freedom for a long term living arangement with a large tatooed gorilla named bubba!


  • Leo

    Hahaha! Your'e right Rick! And W.E, I promise you will will share a beer together up north real soon! 

  • white eagle

    None of that hoppy stuff thou leo. I want a real beer corona with a lime!!!with a shot of fireball

  • Leo

    You got it amigo! :D

  • Damien

    Great News Leo! I always remember my mums car getting stolen in Australia and a few weeks later it turned up at the bottom of the hill in the back of an apartment complex. They couldn't roll start it (it was a manual gear box) and left it there. All that time it was just down the hill !

  • Leo

    It's a great feeling getting it back Damien! I'm sure your mom felt the same relief! 

  • white eagle

    Damien   yft was telling me a story down in oz were a us blackhawk helicopters were doing some training in the out back when the had engine trouble and wereforced to land.   Yft said by the time they got back to the helicopters they were completely disasembled and the parts disapeared? Btw where do you get solo cans in new mexico? I still have mine from yarrowonga!