ChuckAir Creation Tanarg BioniX 15, Airborne XT-912 Streak 3, Airborne XT-912 REVO Reflex Sport 12.5 Wing


Twin Lakes Airport (8A7) Mocksville, NC

Davidson County Airport (KEXX) Lexington, NC

Bahnson Gliderport (43NC) Mocksville, NC

Sugar Valley Airport (5NC2) Mocksville, NC

Smith Reynolds Airport (KINT) Winston-Salem, NC

Asheboro Regional Airport (KHBI) Asheboro, NC

Rowan County Airport (RUQ) Salisbury, NCĀ 

Lone Hickory (80C) Yadkinville, NC

Tara Airbase (5NC1) Salisbury, NC

Steele Field , Walnut Cove, NC

Mt Airy/Surry County Airport (MWK) Mt Airy, NC

Blue Ridge (MTV) Martinsville, VA

Pace Airfield, Martinsville, VA

Rockingham County/Shiloh (8N0) Stoneville, NC

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Airborne XT-912

By Chuck


  • white eagle

    Congratulations chuck on your airbourne xt. Iam sure you got a good deal from doug. The colors are pretty cool 

  • Chuck

    Had my first good day with it this past Sunday. Was able to 3 grass field and two paved field take offs and landings. Sugar Valley Airport was a new one for me.

  • Chuck

    Soloed Sunday evening just before sunset. Never been so thrilled in my life. 

  • Hedgeview

    Congrats Chuck.  As all on this list will agree, that experience will stay with you for the rest of your life.

    Play it over in your mind just before you go to sleep.  Guarenteed sweet dreams.

  • av8or

    Well done Chuck !  Going solo for me was a nightmare - all I kept thing was "I hope I don't bust up YFT's trike" 

  • Chuck

    I have a great CFI. I just followed what he taught me. Plus the weather was great with just a slight left to right cross wind. 

  • av8or

    Don't get me wrong, my CFI was great. I was concentrating more on bringing his magnificent aircraft back in one piece than the amazing feeling of going solo. I celebrated that later when back at the hangar.

  • Chuck

    For me it was an amazing feeling. Looking back at the runway as I turned crosswind and seeing my instructor 1100 feet below me. 

  • Ken

    Congrats Chuck! Welcome to the sky!


  • Dave G

    Chuck, your description of seeing your instructor 1100 ft below you, instantly transported me back a short time ago to my first solo.....a little scary.....a little exciting but most of all...........LIBERATING! Thank you for that.

    Congratulations Chuck!

  • Chuck

    I had a lot going for me on my solo. 1. Great CFI. 2.We had been practicing landings for two days prior. 3.Most of my training has been in the XT I purchased. It was a little surreal. It was late in the day and I really wasn't ready to call it quits for the day. I asked Doug over the radio "I know it's getting late, but can we go around one more time?" His reply was "how about I get out and let you go around?" I kind of hesitated a little then said back "Ok I'm ready." Then off I went.