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some of my chain saw artwork

By white eagle

Categories: Not Trike Related, Not Flying Related

well not trike related but ive been a chain saw artist for twenty years    yft this is for you to ponder when i do a show for you in megga faunna it will be a privelege to carve for you.


  • YFT

    Hi White Eagle, is there anything you can't do? I love the bears They are amazing.

  • Ken

    Wow dude! I had no idea, those are awesome!


  • Dave G

    The intricate details done by chainsaw.......insane.......I wonder if anyone knew that we had such a talent among us? Very nice work White Eagle.

  • YFT

    HI White Eagle, Hedgview will contact you soon about some timber. He owns a plantation and is going to get a suitable log for a bear. I will speak to my mate about getting you the right chainsaw. We can look at that when you get here. All the best YFT.

  • Dan Beattie

    Wow David your art work is amazing. Nice job.

  • Kael Rowan

    Hey White Eagle can you post the location/address of where you sell these?  I'm thinking about RV'ing cross-country from Oregon to the east coast and stopping by Yellowstone and maybe buying one of those bear carvings of yours on the way! :)