JozinkoTOMI Cross 5 Sport

Hey everybody,

see my flight to Znojmo here!

I took off near a small village names Gajary (down on the map) and flew to small airport Holíč (1st turning point). There was a meeting point. We started 8 trikes from there to Znojmo. 2nd TP was water dam Nové Mlýny but we werent landing there and heading to Znojmo. There was a vintage in that time...

Bottom route is my nonstop flight back home.

You can see the video from that flight

This is my new flight map!!!

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Retraining for a new trike

3 of my ex-students bought a "new" Joker Trike 912/ Aeros Profi TL wing together. Its flying a little different than my trike - their "school" trike. Then we did retraining. Joker has a foot throttle (my trike has the hand throttle), Joker has a lower seat than my trike and its faster.