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My Fluffy Friends in the Sky

By Happy Triker

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Comments (5)

Beautiful overcast clouds along the coast - it is always fun to fly around clouds in my trike.


  • Happy Triker

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all pilots !!

  • white eagle

    HAPPY NEW YEAR HENRY.  now this video hits that one speck in the center of my mind. Tranquillity ,Serenity  that melancholy mix with thought flying ,remaniced in to a mix of cloud salad and love of flight. Everything is here in oneness and simplicity mixed with purity.  Why i dont always stay on the bottom gradient excaping the concrete and boxed up world to ponder high enough at the persistant surf only wondering of its resistance  to what we have inserted for nature!  Why your choice of music seems to stir my soul only to feel my spiritual wings  wanting to just gracefully fly briefly with you henry.      Sorry i couldnt hold back the words there henry they just came.   

  • Happy Triker

    Thanks, white eagle. Going around the clouds was a great moment of the flight. I enjoyed it a lot. Let's fly together here someday soon.

  • Jozinko

    White Eagle said it beautifully. I love this video because I have never flovn a coast line before. To see the sea waves how they are broken to the coast is breathtaking for me. And your "walking" on the clouds carpet is amazing.

  • white eagle

    Yup henry you know ive wanted to fly the coast for some time.  I flew my hang glider up the coast in the 80s. But never got the golden flight i wanted. Maybe this next year if i pull all the buttons. Sure would like too.