A Slice of Heaven

By Ttabs Comments (8)

For those who have not heard, David and Sonya Coy lost their son unexpectily.  As you can only imagine, it is a very hard loss for them and their family.

I found out David was going to do a tribute flight for Jacob Saturday evening.  George and I quickly made plans to fly over and join him. It was a beautiful flight in a perfect October sky.  Absolutely stunning and David was very grateful we accompanied him. George and I were also thankful to spend some time with them when they are trying to cope with all that is happeing.  Here's a little tribute I put together for David and Sonya in this difficult time.  


  • Tussock

    I am sure I speak for all of us in expressing our sorrow for your loss, David and Sonya. You have a lot of friends who will offer whatever support they can. Our thoughts are with you, and I hope you can find some peace and the times ahead. 

    That flight looks like a truly beautiful tribute, and I love the music. I wish I could have been there. Go easy my friend, we are thinking of you.


  • Leo

    Well said Tussock. Your words refelct exactly what is in our hearts.

  • Dave G

    My heart hurts for you both David and Sonya for this terrible loss. May god speed the healing and big thanks to Tom & George for your tremendously supportive gesture.

  • Ken

    So sad to hear about your loss Sonya and David. I can only hope the memories of your son can get you through the hard times, and brighten your best days as well. He will be missed.

  • Jozinko

    Words can't to reduce your pain Sonya and David but you have to know our prayers are with you. Thanks to David, Tom and George for this tribute flight.

  • Noel C

    To David and Sonya I can not imagine the pain associated with your loss. 

    I concur with Tussock and his eloquent words. 

    David, we only spent a short time together on that fateful Mega fauna flying the skies of central australia, but you left us with some great memories and vicariously I felt I got to know Sonya through our chats on that trip.  I trust the pain will ease and the good memories will shine through.

    You and Sonya are in our thoughts.

    Noel & Jan 

  • white eagle

    Absolutly thanks everyone for the kind words.  Its been difficult and i have never been so far from reality.  Sonya and myself are dooing as best as we can be exspected. I love everyone i would write more but i get pretty choked up.      Thanks so much for helping us tom geo   henry leo and all. 

    It eases some of the pain knowing that people care.    Thank you

  • Hedgeview

    Thoughts are with you both David.

    Playing CS&N (you will know which song) in memory of Jacob.