Hells Canyon and the Grand Ronde River

By Ttabs Comments (6)

Here's our X country down to La Grande OR for the Elcipse.  Hell's Canyon is just there waiting for all you to come fly it!   George and I both know we have to spend more time down there exploring that area.  Really cool stuff!!



  • Dave G

    Awesome video Tom

    I especially like the naration in your videos Tom, I learn something new every flight with you and Geo.

    Keep em coming buddy.

  • Jozinko

    Next great video Tom! As Dave said I like your comments too, because still I learn listening English. It seemed to me like there were quite windy...

  • Leo

    Right on Tom, fantastic video! At the 6 minute mark you tell George you're going to drop down and "stick your toe in" to test the air. I've found that's one of the nicest advantages of the 912 vs the 582. The time it takes me now with the 912 is nothing, and hunting for better air is so much easier!
    Beautiful country, really miss both of you guys and can't wait to fly with you again!

  • Ttabs

    Leo - you can see that the air was fairly bumpy and it was worse down lower.  I found that as I flew into areas where a side canyon was funneling air in, I'd get hit with some sudden and gusty side winds.  So, I didn't stay down there long.  Flying mid way to the top of the canyons was tolerable.  There's so much more to explore down there - maybe next summer you and Chris would care to join us?

  • Leo

    I would certainly love to do that with ya! I'm pretty sure Chris would be game!


  • Ken

    Brilliant bit of work Tom. Thanks for bringing us all along for the ride.