jeff trikeAerotrike Cobra 912, with a Rival-X wing.

1800 hrs as of January 2019

20170721 Sangre de Cristos

I took off at 1 minute after civil twilight on a 3.8 hr flight to Angel Fire, CO. First stop was an early morning flight over the Sandia Moutains, then over to Sante Fe Baldy, at the southern end of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. From here I hopped from one moutain peak to the next, Pecos Baldy, Truchas Peaks Group, Chimayosos Peak, Jicarita Peak. Then a long cruise to the Wheeler Peak Group before descending into the Moreno Valley to land at Angel Fire.

The next morning I retraced route back to Belen. Both flights were in ideal no-wind conditons. Two of the best flights in my life.


  • Tussock

    It's evening here - dark outside, and it's been raining all day - and being Sunday, I treated myself to a post-dinner peanut butter sandwich and a double look at your trike video. Great stuff, Jeff: wonderful flying conditions, great terrain, great x-country and a well edited video. I really relate to long solitary XC flights in remote areas, and thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thanks for 'bringing us along for the ride' and brightening a cold wet evening Down Under ~ BT.

  • Ken

    Beautiful country. You were lucky to find it so calm!

  • Leo

    Great vid Jeff! What gloves are you wearing that flip open at the 5:58 mark? 

  • Jozinko

    Great flights Jeff! 

  • ULtrikepilot

    Great video Jeff.  You covered some beautiful terrain. Thanks for sharing.