jeff trikeAerotrike Cobra 912, with a Rival-X wing.

1800 hrs as of January 2019

Murrow Field Fly-in

Paul and I flew from Belen to Murrow Field on the Divide (NM99), a beautiful backcountry strip on Rol Murrow's ranch in northern New Mexico. We were trashed high winds and rotors coming off of Mt Taylor. They were strong enough that I made contingency plans to divert to Pagosa Springs if it was going to be that rough at Murrow field. 

To our relief, we were greeted by calm winds at Murrow and we landed and enjoyed a great breakfast. We hiked the hoodoos and looked at old homestead and indian ruins on Rol's ranch. 

We took off at dawn the next morning and had a very scenic flight following the Rio Galina and Rio Puerco back to Belen. Highlights of the trip home include the Valley of the Moon, Rio Galina Valley, La Ventana Mesa, a pair of ruins on twin mesas next to the Rio Puerco, and the "Balls."

My full flightlog can be found here:


  • Ken

    Always love your adventures @jeff_trike. Beautiful country, thanks for sharing!

  • Jozinko

    I agree with Ken. Beautiful video over beautiful country.

  • RizzyWizzy

    Jeff, that is another phenomenal video. You have a nice rugged trike and I enjoyed your landings on those dirt strips. Amazing video. I am going to play this at our hangar to show it to my fellow pilots :)