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Can't remember them all.  Mostly in PA, MD, NY, NC, WA, MT, ID, SC, CO, VA and HI. Some are private airstrips that do not have publicly known identifiers.

Flying the NJ shore in a Maverick trike with Solairus wing

Video of flight originating at Woodbine airport to the Avalon beach area. New Solairus 16.5M wing with both VG and electric trim is shown. First part 103 trike that I am aware of that has both VG and electric trim. Will be very useful for expanding flight options..


  • Rick D

    Great video Joe! Loved the beach cruising and Floyd was an awesome pick! Looks like a sweet ride with the new wing.

  • Dave G

    What a fun video Joe.....I felt like i was along for the ride.

    You definitely have a minimalist outlook on instrumentation dont you? ha ha.
    when you pulled that lever straight down, what is it that happens..........the sail tightens??

    Thanks for shairing Joe.

  • Leo

    Pink Floyd man! I enjoyed the music choice as much as the flight!!

  • ULtrikepilot

    Thanks for the feedback Rick!  Don't get to fly the beach very often but our family now does an annual vacation trip down to the NJ shore so it is a nice opportunity to fly.  Yes, I am pretty pleased with the new wing.

  • ULtrikepilot

    Thanks Dave and Leo.  Well Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands.  Listen to it almost every day.  I guess that dates me doesn't it.

    Dave, yes that lever on my down tube (a VG or variable geometry) essentially tightens the sail.  It forces the airfoil to flatten out a tiny bit, removes a small amount of wing twist from root to tip.  It makes the wing a bit more efficient at the expense of handling but allows the wing to fly a little faster.  It is not a big change since the cross tube junction is pulled back about 1.5 to 1.75".  I had Kamron at NW customize this wing according to my requests and so far it seems to work pretty well.  thanks again.

  • Jozinko

    Great video ULTP! Nice high and low flights... Dave asked you instead me. I didnt know what VG is, but I thought it could be sail tightens like HG wings have. Thanks for explanation.

  • white eagle

    hey joe   iam so into floyd sonya and went out and got matching floyd shirts. And of course i loved the vid but you already knew that.   I only have one complaint   dude seriously you need to get some sun on them legs mano. i think youve got a serious climb rate with that jv 360 and your new solairus wing. mt mc donald peak here we come. see you in a few weeks joe