Flying With George - Fire and Ice

By GeoBlaze

Categories: Big Fast Trikes, Video, Weather

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Second flight of 2013... Low clouds opened up in the late afternoon making for gorgeous flying conditions with a wonderful winter sunset contrasting the deep freeze of January. Jan 13th, 2013 just before sunset, -5 degrees Celsius, 28 minute flight. Special thanks to James Asher for the background music.


  • Ken

    Very cool effect... Felt like I watched it twice :)! and it looked cold both times Brrr!

  • Christopher

    Extremely "Cool" - well done!

  • GeoBlaze

    Thanks Christopher/Ken ... I'm thinking of inventing special Roger Ramjet like super hero holographic sense-around Trike glasses that make you feel like your really flying when watching split screen videos like this one... Adult supervision required at all times ! - Motion sickness bag included at no extra charge as a bonus - Cape not available due to pusher configuration ! : )