Rizzy's bad landing

The wind was rough, I flew for about 45 mins or so and got tired of fighting with the wing and decided to land, I didn't like my first landing approach so decided to go around, turns out the second landing attempt was not that great either. In extreme scenarios, a trike could flip.


  • Jozinko

    Bad landing? No... I surprised about climbing of your right rear wheel. Are you breaking?

  • RizzyWizzy

    Welcome Jozinko to alltrikes, I think my rear right wheel lifts because my nose wheel was not straight at landing. It's just like when you are going very fast in a car and suddenly turn it one way or the other, you could possibly flip the car. In a worst case scenario with more speed and angled nose wheel, I bet you can flip the trike over too.

  • Jozinko

    Thank you Rizzy for your welcome :) My English is quite bad because I lern it now. I hope our communication will be the best teacher for me :) But I think we will to understand... Yes, I know that landing to asphalt... In 2001 I had my 1st landing to asphalt. I never landing there before. I had front wheel a little left when I put it on runway... Asphalt not forgive any mistake! I turn left immediately with a high speed and my left wheel lifts about 40cm up. But I reacted quickly and all was OK. But my friend crashed for this reason about 10minutes before me. My other friend who can be the winner of Championship had bad landing because he can landing into the boxes was really high speed and he made the big mistake - he had break front wheel before he put it on runway. The crash I have on video here


  • RizzyWizzy

    Henry, I can't recall now, I think I had some cross wind and my airspeed was not exactly where I would have liked it to be.

  • XC Triker

    Rizzy,  aside from the goose step on landing, in the Slo Mo (fo) view, as the front wheel comes up you pull in to bring it down (a natural reaction), but it plunks the nose down a bit hard to complete the 3 bangs in the landing (rear wheels bang, goose step- bangity, then nose wheel bang).  You walked away from it.

    Jozinko, welcome!!!!  GREAT to have you here.  So said about this guy and his new wing.  My friend landed with his brake on in his XT, long skid and a flat spot in his tire, girlfriend yelling at him, ego mildly damaged--  once the momentum throws you forward, it's hard to get off your brake.

    On the other hand, how many have landed with their cruise throttle partly on?  I have ....  ;)  Frickin' thing wouldn't come down and stop ...  What's the matter with this thing ....  oh,  there was a nut loose on the controls (pilot) .... LOL

  • Jozinko

    I saw a lot of videos of cross wind landing. I think a lot of pilots approaching to landing with a small speed - cruising speed. A lot of them flew with engine on to a small speed (cca 70-80km/h). When I have a cross wind I flew from 500ft without engine about 100-120km/h and I reduce speed about 20cm up the runway. I flew with high speed because wing and trike is stabilized. On small speed there is a big rodeo :) When is a big bumpy I have touch about 90-100km/h. But really I usually done landing on grass...