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Ukraina: Znamenka

Austrália: Yarrawonga, Corova, Hay, Ivanhoe, Menindee, Broken Hill, Mildura, Balranald

USA: Rosalia, Felts

Emergency landing

20.4.2014, Yarrawonga, Australia


  • white eagle

    nice jozinko  and i love that song     hey i saw you on skype but i cant call you untill i add more credits   

  • Jozinko

    What credits, WE? Skype is free...

  • XC Triker

    Yeah, when I tried Skype for the first time in Oz, it made me buy credits also.

    I downloaded the App for Mac     Version 6.15 (330)  "copyright 2014 Skype and/or Microsoft"

    If you go to:

    it says  Skype, then:



    with the key word "Prices!!!???"




      I knew everyone else was Skyping for free, I felt ripped off.  It forced me to buy credits, or no go!  Rates START at $3.50 U.S. /month but for some reason I went with $16AU of credit, ran out in a couple days, and had to buy another $16AU credit.  



    Pay as you go with Skype Credit

    Call who you want, when you want…

    • Add credit and use it when you need it.
    • Call mobiles and landlines worldwide.
    • Send text messages and use WiFi hotspots.
    • Your credit never expires3 so there’s plenty of time to talk.


    I kinda figured all you guys who've been skyping for FREE forever were either grandfathered in with an old offer and they're charging new members, or that you are on some kind of monthly payment plan and that besides that monthly payment, all your calls are "Free"

    What's the deal?

    Maybe it was because I used Australian Dollars, which are upside down?


    Nice movie by the way Jozinko!  Great job @FlyTrikes

  • madmik

    XC... delete it an re-install a version in the US. Many, many of here have US based accounts (eg, IP address mask) for software  due to the major cost difference depending where the data/software is downloaded . For example, i-tunes content is slugged considerably more in Oz [>50%+] due to associated 'cost of delivery' according to Apple...

    Skype to Skype is free. Premium services such as  Skype to mobile/cell/landline, conference calls, document display, are charged. Find a free, wi-fi hotspot (McD's etc) for a Skype to Skype and then it really is 'free'... guess you'd better get downloading :-)

    Without having gone into too much detail about what your charges were for, can we assume it's likely to have been due one of these two factors. Either way.... just start again now home.