Beautiful Coast

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Coastal flight


  • Ken

    Loving this one, reminds me a bit of flying the coast down near Oceano, ahhhhhh. Thanks for posting!

  • XC Triker

    Wow, that was short and SWEET  (probably a good way to put out videos, don't try and spend a long time on long videos, just get them out!).  Beautiful area!  I only flew Bodega Bay once, but really want to do it again.  I'd like to invite myself up to fly with you.  Kim (@flyingleap) & Jim & I have flown several times together (including some 1000+ mile trips).  You are definitely invited to fly my area (near Oceano L52) which is beautiful also.  You might want to hook up with the guys at Watsonville (Doug & Ken) (@hwy9fergs  & @kenpaddon) great area to fly as well, about halfway between my place and yours.

  • Sunil

    Sounds like a plan! I am currently working on all maneuvers as well reading up the books to get my license. Once that is out of the way, i'd like to get some serious cross country trips under my belt.

  • YFT

    Hi Sunil, what was the music you used on your movie?

  • Sunil

    It was some music played at New Orleans Mercedez Benz Superdome. Not sure who the created it.