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The Light Stuff (human-powered flight)- NOVA Parts 1-3 and some funny historical video

By XC Triker

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Wasn't sure if this should go in Seagulls, or in Part 103 (because, we all want a light pedal powered working trike-- but I'll settle for an electric one).


  • XC Triker

    The videos are a bit long, but I put them in a side window to watch as I work on other stuff- great history!


    Funny (but true) historical video-- First Human Powered Mile-Long Flight

    Flying Bicycle (ET Style). This 1962 man-powered plane works using bicycle pedals and was built by Southampton University students for a competition.

  • white eagle

    Xc thank you so much for adding this .scince Brian Allen was a good friend of mine.brings back some very good memorys for me.funny I've never saw this nova special? Thanks

  • ULtrikepilot

    That second video on history and engineering of Daedalas (24:49 min long) was great.  Can you imagine pedaling hard for over 4 hrs?  What struck me was the engineering was minimum essential to address task with absolute minimum of weight.  But it was very fragile as they were worried about gusts in the few mph range.  Note how the R wing snapped on final approach in stronger winds.  Wow amazing.  W.E. there you go.  That is an incredible feat for human powered flight.  No it is not flapping of wings like birds but nontheless very impressive.  I would really like to look at the Daedalas up close.