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      ALL  (get's a little crowded in this view)

Night Flights in a Trike

I thought this was a different type of trike video to share. Sorry about no music, but I kinda liked hearing the pitch of the engine and the airspeeds in the wires. It seemed to add more realism to the video as to what it was actually like ...

I hope you enjoy ... ;)

The biggest difference I found (other than most everything except airports suddenly becomes dangerous to land at (a nice field you could easily land in during daylight hides invisible dangers like a small ditch, pole, wire, etc) is that depth perception is so much harder when all you see mostly is lights-- like estimating which star is closer than another-- your brain can't use additional information like the size of objects to estimate distances.

See learning to fly at night here: http://alltrikes.com/elgg/videos/view/28808/los-angeles-flight-day-night


  • YFT

    Hi XC, another great night flight.

  • Jozinko

    Wow! Great vid!

  • TrikeBoyWonder

    Interesting video, XC...does the GPS glare and instrument lighting cause any problems with your night vision and or depth perception?...just curious.



  • Ken

    Wow - really different perspective :)

  • XC Triker

    Thank you guys, I really appreciate it !!  Wife is really pushing me to do more.  She gave me a nice set of cameras, but the above movie was taken on a GoPro 1 - so it may have looked darker.  X, the GPS glare (and dash glare) were much worse this time, I had a hard time seeing the water with the GPS on--  didn't have time to remember (initially) how to dim it, so just turned it off.  It didn't bother me on my LA night flight--  I think the difference was the realitive darkness of where I live, the farms, ocean, etc   VS  LA with all the lights-- the GPS glare didn't bother me in LA.

    In many scenes you can se some glare on the basetube and light flooding onto the dash-- that's a headband light that I have around my neck pointing forward (wouldn't fit / stay right on helmet).  It has an adjustable bezel angle (important) and easy on/off switch on top.  Have a backup light too- can't see dash switches without light. 

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Wow, let me know when you go again and I'll go ride with you.   I don't think I can fly at night by myself.   I have night blindness.

  • white eagle

    xc just an absolute cool video   really neat to watch from that camera angle . so what do you have to do different on you're go pro to shoot at night. is that the hero 3 black you're using. it would be cool doing a night flight along the beach when all the phosphorescent algae is prominent. better yet how about a night video flying under the aurora boriallus  with the glow plankton that would be so cool.

  • XC Triker

    Hi Sally, wilco !  WhiteE, yeah flying with bioluminescence glowing in the waves is a dream to reach for.  This night was nice, big moon, inverted temps, but still pretty dark (just the location I live I guess)- no clouds, stars out, just not a lot of ground lights.  The GoPro 1 camera didn't pick up the waves at all- they weren't glowing though ;)    My wife got me GoPro Black 3+ s before the Mount Whitney flight (yes, I know I need to finish the video-- tried again a few days ago, with extra video from Ken, and it kept crashing), but we used the GoPro 1 handheld from the back seat because it's case wasn't already mounted on the trike (like the newer ones).  Not sure if the Hero 3+ has better light gathering ability, but the clarity during the day is SOOOO much better--- all those Havasu pics were from screenshots right off the raw video.

    Did you see Reb's landing Light ??!!!

    My Dad sad it looked like mine was underpowered-- again, I think it was part the camera, but except for Reb's, landing lights aren't super bright.  Mine is a nice dual LED one  2160 Lumens at only 21 Watts (1.75 amps).

    My Mom wrote this and then answered herself as only a mom would  ;)  

    Mom wrote:
    Sorry to sound negative.  It was the Mom in me coming out. J
    From: Mom

    Subject: RE: Night Flights in a Trike
    Looks nerve wracking and dangerous to me.  Do you really have to do this?
    From: XC
    To:  Mom
    Sent: Wednesday
    Subject: Night Flights in a Trike
    I made this movie of a recent flight  (with several landings) I did at night.  Practice makes perfect ...  I need more night practice  ;)