Janet, Kim and David meet RizzyWizzy in La Grande

By RizzyWizzy

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Kim and David met with me on their adventure flight from California to Idaho, this is (part of) their story


  • XC Triker

    I love that video!!  (Took me that long to download it on my slow connection  ;)

    Lots of fun and we get to see the Rizmodo in action!  Great job

  • Kim

    It was a FANTASTIC trip to Elk River and one of the highlights was meeting Rizzy and getting to spend some time with him.  Thanks again Rizzy for all you did for us...Kim

  • Jozinko

    Hey guys, this is very nice video especialy to me! :) Talking, talking, talking... Its good practise for me. I understud you all :)) when no at first time, for 2nd or 3rd sure yes! Thanks Rizzy!