Learning to Trike

Learning to Trike

Learners and experienced pilots sharing their knowledge

Learning Trike Landings Part 1

Paul Hamilton brings one of his students through startup, taxi, takeoff, airport pattern and first landing. Paul is in the back seat and utilizes the "Low Approach" method as the first step to teach landings.


  • white eagle

    Nice video Paul good to help refresh doing the same
    Looks like nice air.just wondering what was the bungee hanging down on the wing.

  • crayonbox

    Thanks Paul.  Really enjoyed the series.  Many training memories there!

  • TrikeCFI

    David Coy,

    That is the tie down that I have handy, similar to seaplanes, that is easy to reach for quick and effective wing control/tiedown. This can be especially handy in high winds.

  • hobie17j

    Nice video Paul. Hope to meet you next winter.