Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition

Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition

Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition Submission

Fly Like An Eagle YFT

By wefly

Categories: Video

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Fly like an eagle at Yarrawonga Flight Training.
A unique team of trike pilots having fun doing their formation training routine over Yarrawonga.
Music by Russell Morris - Fly like an Eagle.
Satis-Fly... your Passion.!


  • Admin

    Hey WeFly, Great video!!  But, it is no longer necessary to double post videos (one in videos, and one in the "Best Video & Photo Competition").  For weeks, directions have been listed at the top of the activity page.  It even says right now "Fer Cryin' out loud Read This!! :"


    To Enter Photo/Video Contests: Use "Tags".

    Put any of these tags on your Photo:  "PhotoM-Y" , and/or "CalendarY"  or "VideoM-Y"     Where M = Month & Y = Year.   Example: "Photo2-13" "Video1-13", "Calendar2013"

    Tags are basically keywords to help members search for topics on the site.   Tags are be entered in field labeled "Tags" below the text box & above the "Save" button.  You should always fill in the Tags box on any post (with key words about your post, separated by commas like [ Antares Trike, Crosswind Landing, Front Axle Design ].   This way, your title may just say "Help with Landing" but anyone searching the site for the above keywords will be directed toward your post-- that equals more views and replies to your questions, and happier searches for everyone else!!!

    IF you want to add a Photo or video to the competitions, using Tags is the easy way to do it.  Just leave your Photo/Video where it is (no need to repost here) and Edit it and add one of the specific Tags above [   "PhotoM-Y" , and/or "CalendarY"  or "VideoM-Y" ].  Then the moderator of the contest (or you) for any particular month (say March) simply needs to enter "Photo3-2013" into the search bar and all photos entered with that tag will pop up in a list--- EASY, a list of all entries for March 2013 !

  • Ttabs

    Chris - I'm rebuilding a Tanarg in a Black/Yellow scheme just like yours!   Looks Sharp!  Also looked like a nice night to be in the sky!