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Thrust line off

By Monty

Categories: Low & Slow Trikes, Photography

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This the situation when the rear motor mount twists under power.


  • Monty

    I knew the god of video insertion was still mad at me. A buddy put the video to my phone no sweat but it didn't work for little 'ole me, sniffle. He used https.// thrust line off. Sniffle. It was underlined as well but I can't find the underline thingamy! Monty

  • Ken

    The video processor hates the ssusss it does. Trimmed it to

     and all is well

  • Jozinko

    I am so sorry guys, but I cant see your flash videos. I allow flash, restart the website and still it doesnt work. :(

  • Monty

    I can see it on vimeo but not on altrikes, it just says blocked, sniffle-sniffle-sob. Monty

  • Monty

    Oh great over-see-er of all things trike-like, WTF am I not doing rightly. I'm using the same finger that I use for most things, from wave-ing at 'errant' motorists to signalling when I respectfully disagree with their ideas. It has other uses and sometimes performs adequately, but when it comes to giving way to a hitherto unknown hedonistic streak and subjecting the worthy members of this much admired and 'lurked' website to my feeble attempts at notoriety by exhibiting my many transgressions into what is otherwise 'normal' video fodder , the gods get together , and ( I'm sure say' its that old ex-limey prick with yet another of his booring examples of how to screw-up and then wants to make the 'plutacratic' masses (that we safeguard from monty-smut and lascivious thought ) watch them, no way!) press the 'delete this button. phew! NOW that finger is over heated!< monty /p>

    ......Ken, my comment re you using your granny's picture as your avatar shows great familial love, I'm sure she is flattered!!!

  • Monty

    Ken, sir, there's a Ken on barnstormer selling a very nice trike , including special triking socks, embroidered with left and right, thus avoiding confusion when initiating turns, etc. This can't be the Ken that didn't marry the tall Chinese girl , can it? I do hope this isn't indicative of this Ken taking up flower-arranging , with all it's hazards, instead of herding a bunch of bolluminum tubing and really nice bed sheet around the south western skies .......snore..snore   (monty)

  • Monty

    It wasn't me, honest, it's that bloody finger, it's out of control!

  • Ken

    Ya just never know if Ken has his eyes on a Tall Gyro or not. Crazy guy that one,

  • Monty

    Uh oh, kens thinking of a tall chinese gryro , he,s fed up with having to push right to go the other right , gyros do have unique features , like stopping in mid-air, though Chinese ones go 'side-ways' so I'm told , still, Ken is up to the challenge, though his 'first-time' might cause some 'abrasions'. No wonder so many chinamen have a ' ouch' look on their face. It is disconcerting to contemplate a blank wall where a picture of Ken's aviatrix granny once hung! Say it isn't so ken! I'll even lay off the childish 'prattle' if you'll only promise to stay away from those 'sideways' tall Asian gryros. Hugs n farts,  m....ty any student of 'confucious period slang' will agree that the slang word for 'hot tall chick' is 'gryro' awfully close to what we now call a spinning wing' thing, a gyro. Hope this clears up any confuciouns about Ken's intencions........................also, those still awake will notice I've reduced my 'carbon footprint' by abbreviating my name m..ty.