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Glacier National Park - summer 2018

By ULtrikepilot Comments (4)

I was ecstatic to have had the opportunity to finally fly over Glacier National Park last summer. The terrain, landscapes and scenery in the park is mind blowing and to be able to see it like an eagle would from a trike was an absolutely incredible experience. I was fortunate to be able to do this flight with Henry and Ken. If you ever have the opportunity to fly GNP I don't think you should pass it up. Enjoy.


  • Gilles

    Mind blowing and than some.....WOW ! !

    Unbelievable scenery , and a little scary TOO...

    Nice job putting this video together. 


  • Jozinko

    Awesome video and breathtaking views

  • ULtrikepilot

    Thanks for the feedback Gilles and Joz.  Yes scenery is unbelievable.  Millions of years of ice, water and wind erosion carving a very rugged terrain.  Yes a bit scary.  One has to be willing to temporarily give up the "always keep a suitable LZ within glide" mindset in order to fly a trike over the central portions of the park.  On the other hand, with greater risk comes potentially greater reward.  From what I have been told, there are less than 10 trike pilots that have ever flown the park so that gives some perspective on how many have been willing to take on the additional risk.

  • Ken

    Breathtaking video Joe, thanks for sharing that day with us!