jeff trikeAerotrike Cobra 912, with a Rival-X wing.

1800 hrs as of January 2019

Glen Canyon 360 VR

By jeff trike

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Check out my new 360 VR video of my trike flight up Glen Canyon. You can drag your viewpoint around with your mouse, use the cursor in the corner, or your finger on your cell phone. I have also tried it with my Samsung GearVR, and it looks pretty good, but I like the fullscreen on my cell phone or tablet the best. On newer phones, you can just tip or rotate the phone to change the view direction. This  doesn’t work on smart TV’s.  Wink   Go full screen and 4k if you can.  Camera: GoPro Fusion, edited with Adobe Premier.

This was probably the best flight of my life.  The weather forecast was calm air up to 12000 ft, and it was calm on the ground that morning. My main worry was about wind currents in the canyon. I did not want to mess around with them at all. It turned out as expected, calm and smooth the entire flight. I had flown over the top of the canyon a few years ago and examined it closely on Google Earth so I knew the canyon was plenty wide with gentle turns. I had a moving map with my GPS position with me in the cockpit, so I knew what was coming up, and when I needed to start my climb to be well clear of the power lines and the Glen Canyon Dam.  There is always the risk of a sudden complete engine failure, but that is pretty small with a 912. Most of the time I had some sort of survivable spot in the bushes or beach to set down, or a BRS water landing as a last resort.

Heading into the canyon, my main worry about doing something crazy like attempting a 180 down in the canyon. I dealt with that by staying centered in the canyon and on the mission.

After exiting, I did not go back in for another canyon run. I kept hearing a voice saying, “Quit while you’re ahead.”