JozinkoTOMI Cross 5 Sport

Hey everybody,

see my flight to Znojmo here!

I took off near a small village names Gajary (down on the map) and flew to small airport Holíč (1st turning point). There was a meeting point. We started 8 trikes from there to Znojmo. 2nd TP was water dam Nové Mlýny but we werent landing there and heading to Znojmo. There was a vintage in that time...

Bottom route is my nonstop flight back home.

You can see the video from that flight

This is my new flight map!!!

Henrich's training

Henrich (Heňo) is my new student.


  • Ken

    Awesome! Make him a great Pilot Jozi!

  • Trike Ops

    Nice Joz, looks like he is having fun.

  • Jozinko

    Thank you guys. He is one of responsive students I have ever had. Everything I told him he confirmed and never made the same mistake. Except "stairways to the heaven". I mean after take off he is doing a big movements with the bar. Forward - backward. We will fix it :-)