jeff trikeAerotrike Cobra 912, with a Rival-X wing.

1800 hrs as of January 2019

20180519 mt taylor loop, narrated

On this trip, I led two trike pilots (Mike and Mark) on a tour to the top of 11305 ft Mt Taylor, and around the 25 mile long, 8000 ft plateau that extends 25 miles north east from the volcano. Unfortunately, Mike and Mark's trikes are invisible specks in this video.

We flew by the volcanic spire of Cerro Alesna, fortress ruins, a small cliff dwelling, a secret blue hole spring, the Navajo stronghold of Banco de la Casa, a red mesa with an obscure circular stone ruin, and "The Balls", a collection of 3 ft diameter spheres in the Rio Puerco Basin.

This video was captured by my wing tip mounted GoPro Fusion camera, shooting in 360 VR.

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