Larry KaiserAirborne Outback, Cosmos Phase 2, Cosmos Samba, Aquilla


Padukah, Kentucky, Oceanside Municipal,Oceanside,Ca, Brown Field, San Diego Farrington Airpark, Kentucky, Etc

Freezing our butts off!

Flying on the Jean dry lake, just outside Las Vegas!


  • Damien

    Thats a great Trike. I've taught quite a few in the Airborne Outback with the Wizard wing, great simple open flying machine! Just what a trike is all about ! Enjoy it Larry !

  • Jozinko

    It was funny to see your happy passenger. His gesticulation is great!

  • RizzyWizzy

    Throughly enjoyed it. I agree with Damien. My first trike was Airborne Edge and I flew it with Streak and Wizard 3. I really enjoyed the Wizard 3 wing. 

  • DanielMaranello

    Hi RizzyWizzy, I am looking at buying my first trike but it is older (budget contraints) with a Wizard wing. I definitely intend to spend hours cross country but I have read that a 582 with a wizard wing is not the right aircraft for that. Would a Streak wing make much of a difference? I am thinking I might have to keep saving for a 912 but I fear my financial controller won't see it the same way. Any advice? thanks Daniel

  • Tussock

    Daniel, in case RizzyWizzy is bizzy, I've got about 400 hundred hours and many XC's in 503 and 582 bases with Wizard wings, and more in 912s and smaller wings. 

    It's fair to say that a 912 is more reliable, more fuel efficient and gives a greater peace of mind than a two stroke. Likewise, a smaller, faster wing offers better handling in turbulence and makes clocking up the miles noticeably easier. But perspective is everything, and a 777 makes any trike look silly as a cross country aircraft. You certainly can fly big XCs in a 582/Wizard, and if that was where my budget stopped I'd have no hesitation in buying one and getting out there and doing so. If you look at the first trikes to cross the Atlantic, cross the US, or fly from UK to Capetown in South Africa, they are in the same category.

    I think the most rewarding trike flying I have done was those early XC's, with a passenger, around NZ's South Island on a 503/Wizard. The only times I was really feeling disadvantaged was flying alongside others with faster wings. If XC flying was your sole goal, yes, you could do better. But a Wizard on a 2 stroke is a superb, fun, exciting machine, and having one wouldn't stop me from flying cross country and having the time of my life.

    Hope that helps...

  • RizzyWizzy


    Currently I am on vacation and out of the country. Just saw your post now. I think Tussock has covered it very well. In my personal opinion, single surface wings are just a lot of fun. I enjoy low and slow flying and am never in a rush to go anywhere. So my personal first choice would always be a single surface wing.

    I hope that is helpful.




  • DanielMaranello

    Wow, thanks Tussock and RizzyWizzy, thats just the sort of feedback I was hoping for to help my decision and it has. I agree with your analogies Tussock, thanks they put things in perspective. Daniel.

  • Jozinko

    I cant  to compare because I didnt fly the Wizzard wing yet. But I flew Streak II and it seems to me like my Aeros Profi 14. This wing is good for XC flights. It has doble surface, very well cruise speed and great maneuvruability. I enjoyed flying Streak XT582.