ULtrikepilotNW Maverick Legend II / JCV-360 / 13M Pacer wing and 16.8M Solairus wing, NW ATF / Simonini Mini 2 plus / 17M Stratus wing, Airborne 912XT tundra / Streak III, Tanarg / Ixcess, NW Apache / GT5, NW Scout XC & new GT6 wing

300 to 350 in trikes, many more in HG

Can't remember them all.  Mostly in PA, MD, NY, NC, WA, MT, ID, SC, CO, VA and HI. Some are private airstrips that do not have publicly known identifiers.

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  • Glacier National Park - summer 2018

    By ULtrikepilot Comments (4)
    I was ecstatic to have had the opportunity to finally fly over Glacier National Park last summer. The terrain, landscapes and scenery in the park is mind blowing and to be able to see it like an eagle would from a trike was an absolutely incredible...
  • Flying the NJ shore in a Maverick trike with Solairus wing

    Video of flight originating at Woodbine airport to the Avalon beach area. New Solairus 16.5M wing with both VG and electric trim is shown. First part 103 trike that I am aware of that has both VG and electric trim. Will be very useful for expanding...
  • Spacecraft/Rover hybrids

    This video is not about flying trikes. NASA is exploring specialized hybrid rover robots for getting around on very low gravity bodies (about 1/1000th G) such as asteroids or Phebos which is one of Mar's moons. This is a cool highlight of my son's...
  • Crosswind challenges

    By ULtrikepilot

    Categories: Safety, Weather

    Most trike pilots develop a healthy respect for the difficulties that cross winds can present when flying a WSC wing that is rather lightly loaded. Well even large aircraft have to deal with these challenges. This is a compilation video of some...
  • First test flight of my NW Maverick II Legend / JCV-360 / Pacer

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    This was my first test flight of my new trike back in Dec 2012. Wing was trimmed a bit fast around 52-54mph at the time.