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    As allways, very nice flying photos. In our country it seems the winter is out. This winter we havent much snow and frost was very weak. But a rain and mud we have everywhere. I must to wait when the sun and a wind will dry our land and I hope, I will start my flying season very soon.

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    ...n the past i steered clear of winter flying here. but my buddy j ebb down...a calling me saying hes going flying every day made me so jealous i went out flying this winter and i was  pretty warm  and opened my mind that flying in winter opens some uniqe op...

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  • Winterizing a four stroke engine

    Hi all, I bought my Four Stroke 912 trike about a year ago and now that the winter is approaching. I was wondering how do you Winterize your Rotax 912 engines? In the past winters, I hav...ting my trike once every two to three weeks during the winter...

  • Manta Wing Questions

    ...stics?  I have just ordered this wing for use on my Antares MA-33 with a Rotax 582 engine with the intention of flying cross country airport to airport and in the winter on skis. Any input by tho...

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  • Trike Book

    Hi flyers,   Sorry I missed getting a note...l get a copy of the 256 page book that is The Trike Flying Bible in the trike world.&nbs...  Thanks for taking time to read this and safe flying to you all.

  • Hang glider and equipment for sale!

    Wills Wing Sport 2, 155 hang glider, Robertson pod harness, PDA reserve chute, and Mountain High Oxygen system for sale. To see them in action search for "Larry Kaiser" on You Tube, then watch the Sabbath Flying" video. All equipment is in good shape. $900 for wing only or $1450 for everything.

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  • The 12th Annual Arizona Flying Circus

    The 12th Annual Arizona Flying Circus will be happening February 13-15, 2015 at MoTown!The Arizona Flying Circus is a volunteer effort...West, the AFC has evolved into a rather unusual flying event like no other. Certainl...

  • Wings For Wishes Over Montana V

    Hello Everyone, I know I am new here and wanting to get in to this wonderful hobby/sport. I have been involved with...was diagnosed with BA (a sick liver) at a young age. Long story short, in the winter...

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    Cross-Country Trikers

    A group for Trikers around the world who are interested in Long Distance trike flights.
  • Ultralight or Part 103 trikes
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    Ultralight or Part 103 trikes

    group is for discussion of part 103 trikes or flying part 103 trikes
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