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  • Trailering a strutted wing

    Just a collection of photos showing different options for trailering a strutted wing.

    Tags: wing, transport, trailer

  • My New (used) Airborne Streak 3 wing

    I want to fly faster - so now my trike has had a birthday and is adorned with a new wing - an Airborne Streak 3. Recently a friend and I drove 3,331km (return) to inspect buy and return with this wing - well worth the effort I think. It still waits to be flown for it's maiden, as t...

    Tags: airborne, trike, xt, 912, streak, 3, wing

  • New StingRay wing

    I bought a new wing. StingRay from Aeros. The company Autosave what I work for helped me then i have their logo with pleasure.

    Tags: Jozinko, StingRay, new, wing

  • New Orca Wing Day for BMW

    These photos show the super easy set up result of the Gibbo Orca 12 from Mark Gibson. It was just about effortless to get this unfamiliar wing set up and on the trike. No flying on this day for weather. Two other trikes are in the hanger. A North Wing with a 13 double surface on it and...

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