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  • Christopher

    About me: ...e on the Garden Route. Married to Anne-Marié and have two children whom are still draining our pockets although they are 26 and 27 respectively. I used to fly a 1995 model Air Creat...

  • Koto Szombathy

    About me: Was hang gliding whenever I could.  They shut down our mountain at Packsaddle and so have been taking lessons in a Trike.  Just purchased a 103 Trike and am looking for a good used wing for it.

  • Heather

    About me: Used to fly hang gliders, now I fly trikes. Lucky me.

  • Poppy

    Trike Flown: Just the unknown make used for the lessons noted above.

  • Curt Kiefer

    Airports landed: Non. Used dry lakes