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  • Be careful where you fly .... and be careful what you film

    After months of wrangling in court, Natrona County School District trustee Kevin Christopherson, 53, said he pleaded no contest on May 20 to charges that he harassed a large heard of elk in 2014 in Converse County. Christopherson received one year of unsupervised probation and a one-year suspend...

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  • prov. 'neither a lender nor a borrower be '

    well, i was and did. while blessed with an excellent memory, it doesn't last long and i had forgotten that i had lent my trike to a fixed wing pilot, with many hrs aloft, though not with 'floppy winged craft.' the most recent tragedy involving a 'many hrs' FWP crashing a borrowed trike, fatally, ...

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  • Bush Pilot: 'Brakes were my enemy': Landing a one-way airstrip in Southcentral Alaska

      It doesn't look challenging -- it looks like a huge airstrip with a tiny bit of snow. I could try to be cool, and say "ya, it was no big deal," but the truth is, it was hard work. The runway is plenty long enough, but it's a one-way landing because of that mountain dominating the uphill...

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  • Christmas at Oceano Triking: "Toys for Tots 2011" - Oceano Airport, CA

    flying the kids at Toys for Tots, listening to rock music and head banging, a sexy elf, great weather ... what more could you ask for ?

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    First learned with brother and now fellow Toucanflyer Peter with Chris Brandon and more recently Peter McLean at Yarrawonga, Australia. Currently a roving reporter and International Correspondent for "Trikemag" established and published monthly by brother Peter, albeit on a very tight expense acc...

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